The Finish the Mission Veteran Relief Funds primary goal is to help make West Michigan THE most veteran friendly community in America through public / private partnerships and initiatives!

The Finish the Mission Veteran Relief Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization overseeing the distribution of specific revenue generated through the Freedom Cruise. Finish The Mission provides funding for special projects at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans that directly impact quality of life. In addition we can provide funding for individual Veterans, and their families, with grants within the West Michigan community who may be experiencing financial hardships beyond their control and not covered by other Veteran benefits. Finish the Mission also utilizes partnerships within the community to bring awareness, honor and support to our heroes.

We have no layers of bureaucracy or financial diversions of this precious revenue. Our commitment is to raise money by building strategic business partnerships throughout the West Michigan area, leveraging this revenue through these partnerships and “in kind” contributions and dedicating ourselves to changing lives!! Our ultimate goal is to do privately what is sadly not always being done publicly for many in need.

Our vision is for this event to become a national destination and the only place in the country celebrating what we are now calling Finish the Mission Week here in West Michigan! Come join us in June and help us ….







~ Tom Antor ~ Chairman


~ Tiffany Carr ~ Outreach Director for Grand Rapids Home for Veteran's

~ Martin Anderson ~  Farm Bureau Insurance Anderson Agency 

~ Michelle Rudzitis ~ U.S. Army Sergeant, Purple Heart Recipient (Operation Iraqi Freedom)


~ William Jackson ~ McAlvery, Merchant & Associates/Premier Management



~ Carrie Anderson ~ Kent County Veteran Services 



~ Pete McGregor ~ Michigan Senator




~ Jared Sper ~ 

~ Rich Jennings ~ 

~ Renee Dudek ~ 

~ Jeff Cartwright ~

~ Josh Buckenroth ~

~ Jena Wilmers ~ 



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